I see you have companion music CDs. What’s the purpose of those?

We created our companion audio CDs—which contain all of the energetic, inspiring music contained in the DVD of the same volume—to supplement the DVD experience. For participants, the CD allows users to practice their exercises—once learned and memorized—wherever they are by using a boom box or MP3 device to provide their soundtrack. This untethers the experienced user from the television screen and allows them to take their musical soundtrack wherever they go. For teachers, the CDs provide a welcome playlist for their own Dance for PD classes and for other teaching experiences. Our Music for Dance for PD CD Volume 1 matches At Home DVD Volume 1; music for the At Home DVD Volumes 2 and 3 is captured a double album called Music for Dance for PD Volumes 2 and 3, which also contains special bonus material. All three discs are also available in downloadable versions. You may purchase the entire album or individual tracks and download them immediately through the internet.

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