I’m a dance therapist. How does your method differ from my training?

The difference is one of intent. Dance therapy is a methodological formalization of the inherent potential of dance to positively affect emotions, conceived as a type of clinical intervention. Dance therapists help patients impaired by trauma and disease, address their psychic pain mainly by expressing their emotions through improvisational, non-structured movement, and also by talking about their experience of dance and their emotions. Dance for PD® is an adaptation of dance pedagogy to make accessible to persons with Parkinson’s Disease. It employs techniques and aesthetic considerations that form the core of formal dance education. Dance for PD teachers share specific knowledge with their students. They encourage learning to dance as a means to heighten attention and interest in moving beautifully to the best of one’s ability, the effect of which, for dancers and for persons with PD, is a profound feeling of joy and accomplishment.

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