Is it possible to provide additional information regarding the content of the course? Does the course have a real-situation exercise component?

More information about course content can be found in the training guide (also attached). Every in-person workshop has a thorough demonstration of teaching techniques and class activities as well as a practicum session so that trainees have the experience of designing exercises, teaching them to the training group, and receiving feedback throughout.

Here's a sample schedule for a two-day introductory workshop:

Day 1

09:00 Introduction of attendees

09:15 Introduction--Why Dance for PD®?

10:00 Parkinson's Overview

11:00 Class structure/risk assessment/safety

12:00 Balance and freezing workshop

01:00 Lunch

02:00 Technique Modules

04:30 Integrating dance styles, developing Dance for PD® exercises

05:30 Film excerpts: Why Dance for PD® and Capturing Grace


Day 2

09:00 Teaching Practicum

01:00 Lunch

02:00 Dance for PD® community class

03:15 Discussion

04:15 Administrative and logistical considerations

05:00 Wrap up and next steps

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