At what stage of the training program will I be ready to start teaching?

After completing our online training and two-day in-person training at one of our training hubs, almost every dance instructor who comes in with the recommended teaching experience and skills and who is temperamentally well-suited for this work is sufficiently prepared to launch his or her own Dance for Parkinson's program, at least on a pilot scale. We think training is critically important, but there's also so much that's learned by actually leading a class, so we encourage most of our teacher trainees to begin teaching in their own communities after those two training stages. And most of the teachers in our network have launched classes at this stage and before going forward with advanced training. As well, continuing professional development work and advanced training are enhanced and deepened by experience in the field.

That said, we encourage you to research Dance for PD-affiliated programs that are already in your community. In many cities--San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, London, and Sydney, for example--there are long-established classes that have taken years of effort to build and cultivate. If you are planning to teach in an area with established classes, we require that you work within the established network of programs rather than launch your own program. You will be asked to sign a non-compete clause before you begin your training process.

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